About Us

Himalaya Helping hands Nepal,  is a non-profit, non-governmental organization providing rich volunteer and learning experiences in Nepal. Our organization builds on the belief that mutual understanding is at the heart of improved relations across communities, cultures, nations, and religions.  Through our own experiences both in community organizing in Nepal and with visitors from around the world, we’ve learned that personal encounters and conversations among people working together create some of the best opportunities for mutual understanding.

The sole mission of HHH is to improve living standard of local community people by providing education, basic health care and other income generating vocational trainings on their active participation so that they are self confident and able to defense the poverty themselves: Our mission is to provide good education for the children at least up to the primary level. We also work on improve and develop infra structure of schools by developing community based schools, enhancing existing schools and providing, providing scholarship to children, training to the teachers to ensure quality of education. We are looking for someone who is energetic and enthusiasm to work with our needy children no matter how it could be. You can join our organization as a volunteer teacher or as an international coordinator or just an administrator. Becoming a volunteer is just to share your ideas, feelings and to share knowledge in the concern field and through these deeds you can be proud of yourself.

Individuals, families and organization joining this organization as a volunteer will be honored with a “Certificate of Appreciation”. They will be listed in our mailing list as Friends of HHH . Kavre. Nepal. The faces of smiling and needy children of HHH urge you to help us volunteering your time skill and service.

Volunteers gain a sense of satisfaction from contributing to Nepalese communities, but they also learn language and gain insights into culture, ecology, history and geography.  Host families and communities benefit from enthusiastic helpers, teachers, and organizers, but they also learn about diverse cultures and perspectives that help them see beyond stereotypes.