Message from Prof. Thiemann

“I met Uttam Baniya long time ago on my passage through Nepal on my way from India to Tibet/China. He was a teenager that time and he lead me through his village Khawa/Dhulikhel and I fell in love with Nepal and her wonderful people immediate since. I had been lucky to help him going to school and college, and when he had succeeded through his education until he founded his own business he decided to help his people to continue their school education in a similar way like he had enjoyed further education, the key to ultimate success. So I appreciate very much what Uttam and his friends have done for founding and keeping Himalayan Helping Hands to help young boys and  girls to go to school, who could not afford otherwise. I have come back to Nepal perhaps 10 – 20 times in my life since, because I love this country and her wonderful people, who are lovely, polite, generous, hard working, and never giving up to strive for a better future where all the people would find peace, shelter, food, and – most of all –  happiness! Where all the world religions would be respected, where Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christian-ism coexist happily next to each other and are worshiped often in the same shrine. Good luck, my second home Nepal!

Prof .Dr W. Thiemann”


Prof Dr. Wolfram Thiemann (Right) with Nepali Family