Overseas Coordinators with Comments

  • Prof Dr  WolfRam  Thiemann | Founder of HHH   (Germany)
  • Shanta K.Baniya & Iydia Baniya         (Ireland)
  • Judith Chasinh (USA)
  • Marketa &  Jana     (Czech  Republic)
  • Luis Cabral (Ireland)
  • Lukas Matejcek (Czech Republic)
  • Kim Devoldere (Antwerp, Belgium) | International Director
  • Andrew Cleveland (USA) | International coordinator of   Himalayan Helping Hands Nepal from USA
  • Pavel Matějovský, Headmaster    (Czech Republic)
    Himalyan Helping hands is one of our best friendship organization in Nepal. HHH helps lots of schools and Kids in their community. Our school teachers and students by myself, we are proud for helping them.
  • Göran Karlsson, Teacher and Intercultural School-coordinator (Sweden)
    I had the great oppurtunity to visit Uttam Baniya together with his family (followed his children in school) in Kathmandu as well as Dhulikel and surroundings one autumn before the big earthquake happened. I really enjoyed to take part in the environment of daily life and traditions there. Therfore I will recommend everyone who want to take part in any kind of work with HHH, which I will guarantee a great experience too!
  • Sandra Olansky (USA)
  • After the terrible earthquakes of last April in Nepal, HimalayaHelpingHands was right on duty helping people obtain shelters of tents, food, water, safety and rebuilding of houses.  People worked day and night to aid the suffering.  Before the earthquake HHH had helped many rural children with schooling, clothing and personal needs.When I was in Nepal in 2009 I saw the good work HHH was doing with education for needy children. What a wonderful and beneficial organization!

  • Jefferson Bates (USA)
    “Uttam and his family took great care of us, and has done some amazing work in the aftermath of the earthquake”
  • Gordon Carlson, Teacher (Sweden)
    I enjoyed a lot during the visit of Himalayan Helping Hands, Nepal.
  • Jan Suk, University Teacher, (Czech Republic)
    “Uttam has always been most sincere, honest and authentic from my Nepali friends. Therefore I firmly believe it is meanignful to support HHH ïn any possible way.”
  • Laura Jokasari (Finland)
    “I know Mr Uttam and his organisation Himalayan Helping Hands since 2010. I have had a possibility to collaborate with them several times during this years. I spent good time with small students in different local schools in Himalayan area. I met many friendly local people and they taught me how big human heart can be.  I have had good and meaningful time with them and I really would like to collaborate with them again in my future. Thank you Nepal!”
  • Alessandro Ricci (Italia)
    My name is Alessandro, I am 33 years old and I come from Italy.In the autumn 2012 I contacted Himalaya helping hands, Nepal because I wanted to make an experience in Nepal. I was interested in living with a Nepali Family and in being a school teacher.Since I came in Nepal (it was in the middle of October) my host Uttam took care of me, first showing to me the city Kathmandu, then introducing to me the family where I would stay.I was based in Banepa, a small city east from Bhaktapur.
    I was living with a family of 6 people, 7 including me. They were living in a nice and simple house up in the hill. They had cattles: bulls, goats and chicken. The floor of the house was made of a kind of red soil, which gave a natural aspect to the house. The family was very kind with me, they gave me a very nice room and in general they tried to make me feel as comfortable as possible. The boy, Pawan, he was speaking english so I could communicate with them. It was very nice to spend time with them, learn about nepali tradition, exchanging experiences, exchanging views upon life.
    Everyday I had the duty to give a 30 minutes lesson to 6,7,8,9 an 10th grade. Since I stayed in Nepal for 2 months I was not forced to teach them fixed subjects. I could so vary from English, Geography, Sport, Social Science, Music. Whatever I felt to do I could do with them.
    In Nepal kids have a big will to learn and they have a very good discipline. The general level of English is actually quite good.
    I had a small guitar with me so I could play music some times and try to learn some nepali songs with the guitar.
    Sometimes I had the pleasure to visit the father and mother of Uttam in Dhulikel, where Uttam has a little guesthouse with a nice mountain view.
    To conclude I want to say that I feel deeply thankful to all the people who I met in my stay in Nepal. Now I am a teacher in Denmark, but I wish to come back for holidays in Nepal to see again all the nice people that I met.
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Littek, Bremen, Germany
    While in Nepal a few years ago I got to know UttamBaniya through a near friend. I learned about his project Himalayan Helping Hands and had the opportunity to meet with some of the people actually teaching and working for the aims of the project. It is great to see what fantastic work is being done, and which positive effects can be gained with such a project which is relatively small but based on personal backing. It has the advantage of creating directly results from any work that is been put in, because no big overhead costs from a big administration are created. As a professor of sociology I know especially the importance of providing a good basic education which sets the grounding for a successful and autonomous existence in your later life. Providing help to young children who alone would never have a chance to participate in a solid education is the main aim of Himalayan Helping Hands. Not less important is the commitment to support community development and basic infrastructure necessities.The project has the advantage to work on a very personal level, addressing directly regions, families or individuals that are in need for support, and organizing directly the persons and means for efficient help. It thus works to promote mutual understanding and respect in a country with so many different religions, ethnicities, cultures, and regions.  I am deeply impressed by all the personal energy and expertise that is put into a successful working of this help project. My best wishes are in support for continuing success of this project and its great enthusiasm and ability.
  • William Yeo (USA)
    HHH is a wonderful organization that has helped hundreds of women and children at a very critical time in Nepal’s history.  Empowering girls and women through education keeps them from engaging in unmentionable practices and puts much needed food on their families tables.  Support for this organization is greatly needed and the impact is far beyond our sedate lifestyles comprehension.
  • Marketa   Prchalva  (Czech  Republic)

    I have personally met Uttam Baniya in Nepal during my 3 month stay there which was possible thanks to his help. He is the most honest, helpfull and selfless person I met not only in Nepal but in my whole life. The work he does for others via Himalayan Helping Hands is appreciable, he deliveres all the financial help to the people in need and you can always trust him. I wish the whole organization a long continuation and good luck on the difficult journey. With love Marketa from the Czech republic, working in Nepal as a volunteer teacher.